MeconoMorph Project: Uniting Art, Community, Innovation

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The MeconoMorph Project: Bridging Art, Community, and Innovation Across Regions

Providence, RI – May 15, 2024 ( – The MeconoMorph Project, created by artist Viktor Genel, is making waves as it expands from New England to the Treasure Coast, uniting art, community, and innovation in a unique and sustainable way.

The MeconoMorph project takes discarded business cards and transforms them into intricate three-dimensional sculptures that serve as a symbol of unity across communities. With 10 billion business cards printed annually and 90% of them discarded, MeconoMorph offers a creative solution to repurpose these materials and showcase the potential for sustainability and innovation in everyday objects.

In January 2019, MeconoMorph launched a major installation at the Providence Convention Center, inviting visitors to contribute their own business cards and personal stories to create a live, collective artwork that encourages community interaction and storytelling. The project has since expanded to Vero Beach, Florida, introducing ‘seed’ streams that adapt to new community dynamics and demonstrate MeconoMorph’s ability to resonate with different cultural environments.

Beyond being a visual art installation, MeconoMorph creates a living history through each business card added, contributing to a collective narrative that enhances the installation’s cultural and personal relevance. Founder Viktor Genel has redefined the boundaries of art installations by incorporating community involvement into the artistic process, creating a living network of human connections that evolves continuously through public participation.

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Journalists, editors, and art enthusiasts are invited to explore and contribute to the MeconoMorph narrative, enhancing the shared creative legacy of this innovative project.”

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